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Ivan Iler is a Michigan based artist best known for his larger than life kinetic metal sculptures. He loves to create works of art that highlight the intersection of science and art, creating realistic pieces that breathe movement and life into inanimate objects.


Ivan's speciality is in hands-on work and creations, excelling in various mediums such as metal fabrication, sculpting, carving, engraving, blacksmithing, painting, leather smithing, and more. Ivan is passionate about inspiring a sense of wonder and curiosity through his art.  Ivan is a board member for Arts in The Wild and continues to seek opportunities to contribute to the community. Ivan is partnered with various industry leaders such as FastCut CNC, Hypertherm, Quantum Machinery, Baleigh Industrial, Benchmark Abrasives, Brodbeck Ironworks, Flame Tech, Brunt Workwear, Bear Nuckles Gloves, and Saber Paint Pens. You can catch him on the Netflix original series 1'Metal Shop Masters' 


Personal, dependable, and hard-working, Ivan is a true jack of all trades, and a master of many. He fuses his unique perspective and understanding of how things work with beautiful technique, and is truly able to bring anything that can be dreamed of to life.

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