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The first limited edition bronze series ever offered by Ivan Iler, 'Hold Fast' is a miniature bronze sculpture depicting two hands reaching to each other. While one hand reaches out from the depths of the water, another hand reaches down from above in aid, as if made of the water itself. Their fingers wrap around each other’s forearms with exquisite detail. This sculpture is 8 inches tall, and weighs approximately 2.8lb. Only 150 will be made.

Each sculpture is individually stamped and numbered, and includes a signed certificate of authenticity.

Purchase a set of 4 black and white stickers handmade by Ivan Iler.

Design 1 - Gear with Ivan's silhouette

Design 2 - Signature Ivan Iler Studios Logo

Design 3 - Ivan portrait with Owl Sculpture

Design 4 - Gear with Ivan's silhouette and as seen on tv box.

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